Ty Q. Watson


Ty's Story

Hello, I’m Ty Q. Watson. I hope you love trucks like I do! I grew up in the potato fields of Blackfoot Idaho, and from the time I was a boy I loved looking at trucks, working on trucks, driving trucks and yes, drawing trucks. It was really my sister who got me thinking about coloring books. One day she was looking at some of my drawings and asked me to draw a few monster trucks for her two sons. So I did, and her boys loved them and begged for more! The idea for Ty Q. Coloring Books was born.

Although I have had a long-time passion for drawing my trucks, turning them into coloring books is a recent development. I am a commercial painter and drywall craftsman by trade. But, my body is telling me that my days of painting and hanging drywall are numbered. My deepest desire is to help people like you, who find peace of mind and relaxation through coloring to enjoy these emotional benefits through my drawings. This is why I offer free downloadable drawings on this website. But, I also hope you will order a book or two.

Thank you for visiting my website. Let me know which of my trucks you like best and if there is a truck you would like me to draw. You can do this through my Facebook page TyQ Coloring Books.